Yerba Mate: Keeping You At Peak Performance

Yerba Mate

Keeping You At Peak Performance

Botanical name: Ilex paraguariensis

Yerba Mate, Keeping You At Peak Performance

During our childhood, our grandparents would always tell us about how certain herbs and plants help with many different ailments and pains, and help keep us healthy. Even though we heard them, and feigned that little bit of interest, we never actually paid it much attention. Now, as we are older, in a lot more pain, with all these issues, we are starting to realize just how helpful those little bits and pieces of knowledge can be.

With today’s lifestyle, we seldom take the time to look after ourselves; we are either running to this meeting or stuck in traffic, running our blood pressure through the roof, or stressing about money and how we are going to make it through another year. We forget that our bodies are what make it possible for us to run to those meetings, or drive the cars that get us stuck in traffic. We have become people with the lifestyle of keeping others happy and always forgetting about ourselves. By the time you get home, all you want to do is go to bed, there’s no worrying about putting back into our bodies what we have taken out throughout the day.

When you think about what we put into our bodies throughout the day, it isn’t calcium or iron, antioxidants or blood cleansers. No; it’s nine times out of ten, coffee!!

We humans survive on coffee that is what gets us from A to B. Why? It gives you that extra push. It energizes you before it knocks you on your rear at the end of the day. It’s a high. But every high gets a vicious low. Yet we keep drinking it religiously.

What if you had an alternative? Something that gave you exactly what your body needed while you’re out there doing your daily tasks. Something that puts back into your system what you burn out without even giving it a second thought?

Yerba mate is that something; the ace up the proverbial sleeve. It is a herb that does everything coffee does, and more. You’re probably thinking to yourself now, “where have I heard that before?” and are probably rolling your eyes at the mere thought. But what if it were possible?

Yerba mate is not just another substitute or supplement. It is a natural herb that has been found to have many brilliant qualities. It gives you that energy kick that everyone needs when they get up in the morning, keeping you feeling calm and collected and ready for the day ahead. You won’t crave it the way your body craves coffee for that caffeine fix, and best of all, you won’t get that treacherous crash at the end of the day. You would find yourself smiling in that back to back traffic instead of wanting to slash someone’s tires.

Aside from the lifestyle ups of this herb, it gives your body the little things we forget our body needs. It provides all the vitamins and minerals we take no note of. It wards off the causes of many terrible illnesses and diseases and helps your body build up its defenses.

Ever wished there was a way to get your teenager to focus on their studying instead of laying on the couch watching mindless television, here’s your answer. After incorporating this into their diet they will feel uplifted and focused with a clear mind able to concentrate. They will smile when you ask them to study, instead of wanting to throw something at you.

Tea is fast becoming the more popular drink in today’s younger generation, giving coffee a good run for its money. With this tea, youngsters will soon be on the bandwagon with all its good properties with skin health, weight loss, boosted metabolism, and antioxidant and mood enhancement. It is an all-round booster. With teenagers calm and relaxed, the world for parents is sure to change. No more temper spats, attitude adjustments, bad judgment changes, due to clarified thinking and more coffee for the parents. Imagine! Although, after seeing those changes, the parents will surely no longer be using coffee either!

The health of our community today is at an all-time low. We are chronically tired, have bone mass loss, we are immune deficient and we have ten times more allergies, we are simply dying faster than generations before us. And we all know this, yet little is being done to fix it. We all want to fix it, but we are not. By small changes in our diet and lifestyle we can each give ourselves a better fighting chance. And who would have thought that just incorporating this tea into our diet, we’ll be doing just that. By combating bone mass loss, aiding against allergies, boosting our metabolism in turn helping kidney and liver action. Leaving us healthier and feeling better as people.

We all use the excuse that we don’t have the time to change. Yet we have the time to drink fizzy drinks or coffee. The simple added cup of Yerba tea is all it takes. No major change or diet. All you need to do is drink this tea. Something so enjoyable, non-invasive and tastes good. In turn you feel good. Once you feel good, things will change. You will want to keep it as a permanent fixture in your routine.

Now surely there is a fair amount of skepticism in all of us. But, think of this, if no one took chances, would we have a world favorite like chocolate? No, because that idea would have all been shut down by skeptics. But, because someone took that chance, and said, “hush, I am going to take that chance and see what happens”, we have electricity, Twitter, jerky; who would have thought that doing that to a piece of meat would create such a delectable treat? All good things in life come from taking that step forward, trying something new. And that’s what happened when Yerba mate was discovered to have so many wonderful aspects, because that step was taken to try something new.

We are all busy people, and with technology today everything is so easily accessible. If you want something now, you go online and order it, now. Why, because our world is changing. Our lives are getting busier and because we know that, we are adapting to what needs to change to accommodate that. Online shopping is one of those adaptations. At a click of a button, you can get what you need. It is as easy as that. You can benefit from this in so many ways. And being able to order this product online is so ideal.

Now, I know our grandparents would not have been able to give us that bit of knowledge, but I’m sure they would have if they had this ease of access back then. What have you got to lose? Yes, you will lose the sleepless nights, migraines, agitation and IBS, but I’m sure that’s not what you were thinking, right? Everyone is looking for the next upgrade to be better. This is it, the next upgrade. Order it, give it a try, and never look back, you will never need to!